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Remote-Controlled Toy Truck

Remote-Controlled Toy Truck


Team Members:
Ryan Crist




PTC Product(s):
PTC Creo Parametric

This design is a remote-controlled toy truck concept model for a large US toy manufacturer.

Since C2R and its team have been using PTC products for so many years, the benefits are numerous in the ability to create very robust and aesthetically pleasing designs while still maintaining the necessary levels for change as a design migrates from concept into production. Our feeling is that there is no other tool on the market that can do the things that Pro-E can and allow us to hit our ever shrinking timelines for product development. Our estimate is that this fast program would never have been possible given the short timeline presented by the client if we had not used Pro-Engineer as a tool to get the job done. This equates to about a 40% savings in time/effort by our team members to complete the modeling and design tasks which were necessary to show enough detail on the design that it was one of the final selections in our clients process and has a great opportunity to hit the market soon.

The design is innovative in that it has a newly designed subframe that provides a very tough truck that can handle high impacts, dropping and is completely sealed for use in low level water. The controller system is also ergonomically designed for repetitive usage while maintaining a comfortable control.

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