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Open60 Class Trimaran

Open60 Class Trimaran


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British School of Washington

United States

Education, K-12

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My design entry is an Open60 class Trimaran, which is to say it has three hulls that travel though the water. My boat would compete against other trimarans on offshore races. Mine has a sail plan that puts most of the power in the mainsail and the directional power and stability into whatever headsail is flying.

The ease of which this product was created was phenomenal, it saved countless hours once the method was figured out and could simply be repeated for each component. The savings in time is extremely hard to calculate, however it is at least several hundred dollars of labor. The savings of not having to buy a CAD workstation, due to the fact that Pro/DESKTOP will run with a modicum of speed on any home computer saved at least $3000 dollars. The design configurations browser saved me many countless hours and enabled me to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

My design is a competitive trimaran that could be raced in international races. All critical components such as the rig and the steering system have been designed as well as the hull, creating a far more authentic model than some. Through PTC’s easy and effective solutions I was able to create this product, compare it to other trimarans currently sailing, and then change it after looking at their flaws.

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