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GenSite™ Electronics Enclosure

GenSite Electronics Enclosure


Team Members:
Jeff Zemsky, Dan Fuda, Louis Dormond, Andrea Ivancic



High-Tech Electronics

PTC Product(s):
PTC Creo Parametric
PTC Windchill
Change Management

The design entry is the electronics enclosure sub system, part of a larger product called GenSite™. The GenSite product is Plug Power’s first “on-site” hydrogen generation product based on a proprietary, modular, scaleable, architected platform. The electronics enclosure sub system was chosen to submit as it represents the electro-mechanical capabilities of Pro/ENGINEER and the productivity gains received by tying mechanical and electrical designs together.

By using Pro/ENGINEER’s electro-mechanical tools significant time has been saved in the design cycle by not having to re-enter data. For example data is transferred from the Diagram through the Cable to the Harness and into the Drawing. In other 2-D based solutions this data would have been re-entered for each deliverable. We estimate that 50% of the design time for drawings is saved for each cable. This represented a time savings of two weeks versus doing it with 2-D based solutions for the initial electronics enclosure design. We accomplished this with a 75% reduction in errors on the drawing due to eliminating the need to transpose data from one drawing to another.

The innovation is in how GenSite supplies hydrogen to the customer. Typically “on-site” hydrogen production is a large, manually controlled costly chemical facility. GenSite is a small, automatically controlled and lower cost chemical facility. A key to this is the electronics enclosure which provides closed-loop processing and controls allowing the GenSite unit to safely deliver on-site hydrogen at lower cost than conventional means.

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