Gray Matter Systems

Corporate Overview

Gray Matter Systems is a technology and consulting/integration company. We are asked to solve complex data and control problems. Typically, around collecting, storing, and acting on data. We do a lot of work in the manufacturing, power, oil and gas, and water waste/water industries. Once we are confident you have one secure version of the truth, we run analytics on that data, finally we use those analytics to provide valuable insight into the operation. Our customers use this insight to optimize operations, often resulting in increased throughput or quality for manufacturers, more production or reduced costs for oil and gas producers and compliance and better usage of the assets at waste and water authorities. Our solutions include consulting, off the shelf products, integration services and in some cases our IP to help meet company wide and personal goals. 

Corporate Headquarters

Gray Matter Systems
100 Global View Drive, Suite 200
Warrendale, PA 15086


Contact Information

Heather Nuerge
(412) 741- 2410 x16
(412) 202-5053