Maintenance Reseller Corporation

Corporate Headquarters

400 West Cummings Park Suite 4450
Woburn, MA
United States

Contact Information

800 655 6135 or 781 932 0975 Fax 781 933 0770

Leadership Through Experience

With more than a decade of experience in helping businesses achieve critical results, MRC provides specialized solutions that enable its customers to leverage the World's leading product development and product lifecycle technologies. From conceptual design firms, to major manufacturers within a broad range of industries, we have helped business by leveraging our experienced staff and wealth of professional services designed to meet your unique requirements.

Industry Leading Technologies

As a strategic partner to PTC, we offer the World's leading technologies related to discrete manufacturing. From easy to use 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE solutions, to Global Enterprise Information Management solutions that shorten time cycles and reduce costs associated across the entire lifecycle of products.

Commitment You Can Trust

We strive to help you innovate design, streamline engineering, and competitively manufacture your products. MRC provides product development solutions, expert consulting and innovative technology. Developed specifically for small to mid-sized companies, we empower you to design innovative products, improve your engineering process and competitively manufacture in today's global economy.