广州联瑞数码科技有限公司 GZ United Creation Technology Co .Ltd.

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Sliver Bay Plaza,Suite 15D,NO299,Yanjiang Zhong Rd,Guangzhou

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We gained our expertise from studies and employments nationwide and worldwide. The company is a specialized large-scale software developer and service provider for cutting-edge information technology applications in China’s manufacturing industry. We headquartered our company in Guangzhou, and intend to open training and service centers in Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Shenzhen.

We have established a long-term co-operative relationship with PTC in the U.S., the world’s largest and fastest expanding PLM software developer. We are chosen as its best partner in expanding business together in Asian-Pacific area. With PTC’s extraordinary development system, in addition to our rich knowledge and practical experiences accumulated from our product development experience in manufacturing industry, we successfully assist our clients in implementing their product design; monitoring quality control; shortening their development periods; and enhancing their market recognition. We guarantee our clients’ competitive superiority in manufacturing industry. 

Our core projects are PLM, data/content management, and dynamic publication solutions. Our software services, including software development, application, marketing, training and technical support, cover a variety of industries such as education, energy supply, military engineering, project design, and machine manufacturing, etc. We hope that every client will work on a platform of low cost, low risk, effective management, using crucial materials directly related to its own design, and therefore will be ale to cope with intensive marketing sales competition.

We value manpower as our invaluable asset. Above 85% of our members are holding at least Bachelor’s degree or more advanced degrees. Not only that, our staff also is in possession of great experience in marketing development, marketing research, and project implementation. Our management officers and employees work cooperatively as a team, which is the ground stone of our steady, rapid development. 

We believe in you, we are trustworthy, and we work collaboratively. We are and will continue to be your best partner in exploring the field of CAD/CAE/CAM.