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VIRTALIS is a world-leading Virtual Reality (VR) and Advanced Visualization company. Our systems and solutions offer PTC customers a chance to really understand information and data, to interact with it and to foster communication between global design, marketing, manufacturing and service teams.

Our software, hardware and turnkey system solutions help businesses and people achieve their project goals, across a variety of market sectors, ranging from the automotive, aerospace and defense, construction and power industries to academics, engineering, medical, retail and military.

Our reputation is based on our numerous, successful installations and reference sites worldwide.  Whether it's a desktop solution, a portable visualization system or a fully immersive, PC-clustered, multi-channel stereoscopic 3D display system, Virtalis has successfully designed, installed and supported them all.


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Paul Ewing
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Andrew Connell
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David Cockburn-Price
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Visionary Render
Visionary Render

Visionary Render software allows users to access and experience a real-time, interactive and immersive Virtual Reality (VR) environment created from huge 3D datasets.  Users can work alone, in small groups, or collaborate with distant colleagues in a common virtual environment to perform detailed design reviews, rehearse in-depth training tasks, validate maintenance procedures or verify assembly and manufacturing processes.  See a Visionary Render Video. 





ActiveWall is an installed, immersive, interactive 3D visualization system that is the industry benchmark for both price and performance.  ACTIVEWALL is Virtalis' best-selling interactive 3D visualization system and probably the best selling VR system in the world. You can find them all over the globe and they are as popular with academics as with industry. They are scalable, easily upgradable and our users consider them extremely cost effective to run and virtually future proof. (See ActiveWall Video Here





ActiveMove is a transportable, interactive 3D visualization system that is setting the industry benchmark for both price and performance. ActiveMove can't be beaten for those users looking for a cost effective and transportable solution that can be quickly assembled for department presentations, marketing seminars, trade shows, training workshops or research programs. (See ActiveMove Video Here)





ActiveSpace is a Head Mounted Display (HMD) interactive 3D visualization system that provides the ultimate immersive experience for an affordable price. ActiveSpace can be fused with an ActiveWall projection system to allow remote, collaborative design reviews.  (See Active Space Video Here






ActiveCube considered by many to be the ultimate interactive 3D visualization system. ActiveCubes are either four or five sided with rear projected 3D virtual environments projected using powerful, specialist projectors. They are powered by Virtalis clustering technology and are capable of running a diverse range of software packages. (See ActiveCube Video Here)






Virtalis' award winning ActiveDesk solution is a combination of Virtalis' 3D virtual reality software, Visionary Render, and the zSpace desktop system or the Oculus Rift VR solutions.  ActiveDesk has been designed to have all the tools capable of bringing stereoscopic, interactive 3D visualization to the desktop. We have developed drivers that bring Visionary Render models onto the brilliant zSpace. We see this combination as a VR enabling device for desk-based working, as it brings many of the 3D advantages of our ActiveWall and ActiveMove system, though without the 1:1 scale, obviously! (See ActiveDesk Video Here




GeoVisionary was developed by Virtalis and the British Geological Survey as specialist software for high-resolution visualization of spatial data. One of the initial design goals was to ensure that data sets for large regions, national to sub-continental, could be loaded simultaneously and at full resolution, while allowing real-time interaction with the data. One of the major advantages GeoVisionary offers over other visualization software (3 & 4D GIS) is its ability to integrate very large volumes of data from multiple sources, allowing a greater understanding of diverse spatial datasets. (See GeoVisionary Video Here)