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Design with confidence. From configuration and library management tools, to applications to eliminate tedious modeling tasks, to automated pipe and cable routing, CadActive provides a growing suite of applications to free your engineers from repetition, and accelerate your designs. Explore our solutions at

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Using a user-friendly web-based interface, ModelExtract supercharges your engineers by allowing them to create and share report formats. Execute these templates on any desired CAD design across Creo Parametric, Creo Direct, or Creo Schematics to extract information and easily communicate design data to your downstream users. Select from existing standard report templates or build your own within minutes.


RsysConfig provides an easy to use, web-enabled, front-end interface for configuring routed systems definitions in Creo Parametric (cabling and spec-driven piping). Create and configure your master catalog, leverage industry standards, and easily share your specs amongst your design teams.


Enable universal version-control for your ECAD libraries. SchematicLink provides an interface for the Creo Schematics library definition to be maintained in Windchill. Create a stand-alone ECAD Document for each object in your library, and all your ECAD and MCAD objects can be directly linked to design parts. No more duplicate documents, no more file management hassles, no more version control issues. Just one record of authority for all your objects.