Matricis Informatique inc.

Corporate Information

Matricis Informatique Inc.
1425, René-Lévesque Boulevard, Suite 240
Montréal (Québec) H3G 1T7 

Contact Information

André Larose 
(P) 514-394-0011 
(F)  514-315-9077

Company Overview

Founded in 1999, Matricis is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and connects data, applications, things, and processes to help humans substantially increase the productivity of their operations.

Working in areas such as industrial/manufacturing, healthcare, government and finance we are providing state of the heart solutions combined with our number one priority, which is to help our customers to optimize their business performance, IT-OT excellence and operational efficiency.

Our expertise covers a wide range of industries and technologies. We bring in the right team of specialists to provide the appropriate expertise.

We are experts in the integration and implementation of many technologies and we provide best of breed solutions. We are implementing only proven technologies from the best vendors in domains such as IoT, IIoT, Cloud technology, Application development, Application Performance Services, Advanced and Streaming Analytics, Telemetry, Business Process Management, Predictive Maintenance, as well as deep and wide expertise in Application Integration (EAI), data and process integration are used to generate more value for our customers.

Matricis’s team of advisors and consultants excel to create proven strategies to assist clients in achieving unparallelled results.

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