Altea Digital

Corporate Headquarters

Altea Digital
Via Francesco Morosini, 19
10128 Torino

Contact Information

Massimo Viola
+39 3357885345
+39 02 93796610

Company Overview

Altea Digital supports enterprises in the development and implementation of effective digital strategies, enabling them to generate new value across industry boundaries.

Born in 2016, as a company of Altea Federation, Altea Digital has been founded by merging the Altea subsidiaries with Seac 02 of Turin, with 12-years experience and numerous references on digital and technological innovation projects.

Altea Digital plays along (operates) with customers in the definition and implementation of the Digital Transformation through the creation of new processes, new products or improving existing ones.

Altea Digital stands alongside its customers, starting from the idea, going through the design of future scenarios, and then implementing and integrating with IT "traditional" solutions, in connection with ongoing services and through end-to-end applications provided by the others Federated Companies. The areas covered range from smart environments (stores, factories, offices, urban places) to the world of IoT and the digital environments (mobile, web, smart TVs).

PTC Authorized Products

IoT, ThingWorx

PTC Authorized Countries

Italy, Switzerland

Additional Offices

Via Lepetit 8
20020 Lainate (MI)