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Metalix CAD/CAM Ltd.

Metalix's cncKad software offers a full range of CAD/CAM capabilities for CNC punch, laser, plasma, flame, and combination machines. cncKad supports the entire cycle of CNC operations with drafting, automatic and interactive processing modes, post-processing, graphic simulation of CNC programs, manual/automatic nesting, and up/down loading of NC files. Files can be transferred from PTC Creo using a real-time associative link. The automatic nesting feature efficiently organizes the parts on the sheet, greatly reducing waste and material costs.

Metalix also offers API automation programming, advanced processing technologies, multiple languages, and support for a wide range of machines and languages.



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Mr.Ram Baruch


Dr. Yael Pauncz
Sales Manager


Dr.Yaron Holdstein
Product Development

cncKad software offers a full range of CAD/CAM capabilities for CNC punch, laser, plasma, flame, and combination machines. The integrated system covers the complete cycle of CNC operation, and integrates directly with PTC Creo. Sheet metal oriented commands make creating geometry in cncKad extremely easy, offering a wide range of processing features. cncKad supports the entire design-to-production cycle, including advanced post-processing and graphic simulation.
The innovative technology in cncKad combines drafting and processing in the same module. AutoNest enables optimal use of material through its best fit nesting solution, including hole filling. An extensive API allows ERP-driven parametric part definition and automatic NC generation.

MBend is an application for programming and simulating CNC press brakes. It loads existing drawings, suggests tools and backstops to use, calculates the bending sequence, and produces NC. MBend works with all press brake makes/models/controllers.


• Offline programming and automated features => minimal machine down-time
• Collision-less bend sequences => reduced stock wastage
• Production-ready bend sequences => fewer experts required
• Switching between machine configurations => improved production planning
• Collision detection => avoidance of costly errors


• Transfers parts directly from PTC Creo, as 3D models
• Imports and unfolds IGES and STEP 3D parts
• Enables automatic and manual tool selection based on material/machine/tool properties
• Allows automatic finger stop positioning with graphic control of all axes
• Runs 3D bending simulation with collision detection
• Generates NC and detailed manufacturing reports