ISAX GmbH & Co. KG

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iSAX GmbH & Co. KG
Weinbergstraße 15, 01129 Dresden, Germany

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André Engelhorn 

Company Profile

iSAX connects people, processes and systems.

Founded in 1998 in Dresden, the company is an innovative IT provider with proven experience in challenging IT projects. iSAX offers individually customized, best fitting software solutions and high-performance system integration.

We enable information and communication technologies for production, logistics and IT.

iSAX focuses on future-proof technologies to optimize business processes with a full portfolio of services – consulting, systems engineering, development, operation and support.

Concerning automation, iSAX features long term experiences with connecting machines, facilities, equipment, robots and shop floor transport systems. The essential industrial challenge is to link the shop floor with production planning and control systems as well as many other business applications. 

iSAX develops software solutions for machine controlling and supports software development processes by service modules and tools. We optimize, maintain and refine customer software. We develop specific control software, we test and simulate machines and plants and built emulators or simulators. We have profound technical and process know-how and considerable experience in the discrete manufacturing industry, especially in: solar, semiconductor, machinery & plants. Thus, we are able to address production lines and cells in such a way, that a vertical integration from ERP to shopfloor can be achieved transparently. Furthermore we develop customer specific transport controls and fleet management systems, increasingly for autonomous and free-moving robot systems. iSAX designs and implements client specific solutions in the field of Internet of Things/ Industry 4.0  and make them productive