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nexiles GmbH

nexiles GmbH runs offices in Ravensburg/Weingarten (Southern Germany) and Oslo (Norway) and has a global project footprint. It is a PTC Software Gold Partner and known for their user-friendly and innovative products and services. The company has been named among the Top100 most innovative companies of Germany in 2012. The overall focus of their work is to provide "simple access to complex information". By observing individual work and processes with great empathy, they identify potentials to make things more easy and tailor complex procedures to the max. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, primary objective and passion of their work in the increasingly complex world of media and information technologies. The natural way to do things is perceived to be the easiest way and must also be the right way. If not given, this can be achieved by individual tools for specific tasks.

Corporate Headquarters
nexiles GmbH
Birkenweg 12/388250

Additional Location
nexiles GmbH (NUF)
Postbox 9264
N-0134 Oslo

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Contact Information

Guenter Haeussner
Managing Director
+49 751 270 856 50

Michael Schilling
Sales and Technical Manager
+47 46 500 509

Stefan Eletzhofer
Chief Technical Officer
+49 751 270 856 50

nexiles|finder simplifies the daily lives of people needing quick access to the wealth of data managed in PTC Windchill. A GOOGLE ® like live-search provides a simple-to-use and interactive interface for occasional and heavy users. 

Popular, context sensitive actions and further links allow users to directly download content with one-click, to preview models and drawings, compare different results, and if there is still something missing, access the object in PTC Windchill. 

Heavy users can utilize the seamless integration of nexiles|finder in the PTC Creo navigator to directly open or assemble the objects within the active session.

Easy and fast, this lightweight tool is fun to work with and gets along without virtually any (re-)training. Even occasional users can help themselves to instantly get the data, they need.
Watch nexiles|finder in action here. 



nexiles|gateway is the standardized and easy to use way to talk to PTC Windchill. This server framework allows to use whatever UI or programming toolkit you want to access, create and modify data managed in PTC WIndchill or integrate with any other system.  

Looking at this, 
nexiles|gateway opens up a whole new way of customizing and creating individual tools and applications, that integrate seamlessly with PTC Windchill.

For the first time it becomes not only possible but cost effective to create streamlined and tailored applications without extensive know-how of PTC Windchill, comparable to windows scripting or creating useful web applications.

Imagine the new opportunities that arise from utilizing PTC Windchill not only to manage your data and processes, but also all tools and applications that make your life easier inside:

Version control, workflows, security settings, access control, availability without deployment, ... it's all there. Just make use of it!

Check the video out



nexiles|publisher is the fast and simple publishing engine for PTC Windchill.

First of all: It is not a new worker queue nor publishing process, as this functionality is deeply integrated in PTC Windchill and basically works fine.

 is no more and no less than enhancing this functionality by simplifying it's configuration and providing useful complementary features.

Without extensive know-how of PTC Windchill, it is as simple as windows scripting to configure and integrate existing conversion tools to process any source type of objects to create whatever target type of object is required.

The converted files can then be either managed and linked to the source objects as new representations, new secondary content or both.

If different representations of PTC CREO objects are required, all of them can be created by using a single worker queue and within a single PTC CREO session.



nexiles|starter is more than just another startup tool.

Similar to starting apps on a smartphone, it's the user's personal dashboard, where all his applications are bundled and can be started with individual settings.

However, what is really new about the nexiles|starter is the easy way to configure and implement new applications seamlessly integrated with PTC Windchill.

Imagine the corresponding configurations live in PTC Windchill and will be retrieved during the start in real time.  This gives you an unprecedented control on your configuration files without the need to care for deployment.

Imagine furthermore the apps on your dashboard also live in and are controlled by PTC Windchill. New versions can be tested by a small group whilst all others work with the latest released versions. Applications,  that are limited to a certain group of user will not be available for others.

That is what can be expected from



nexiles|companion is the design engineer's wingman.

He always backs up the engineer and provides guidance to make things right in the first place and also assists by making them more easy and natural to cope with.

The basic idea is to avoid mistakes from the beginning instead of the need to correct them later on:

Imagine if mandatory attributes must be defined before a new PTC CREO file can be created. There won't be objects in PTC Windchill without these parameters.

Imagine if parameters in PTC Creo are validated while editing and/or can be choosen from drop down lists. Searches would be more useful as misspelling is avoided.

Imagine if the use of templates is extended by providing an easy to understand UI with previews and how-tos . This will not only save time, but the use of these well-defined models will also improve the quality of models distinctly.

Check the video out



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