Alfasoft AB

Alfasoft AB

Corporate Headquarters

Södra Larmgatan 8

Contact Information

+47 (64) 841594

Alfasoft, the largest reseller of Mathcad in the Nordics. 
Alfasoft is a PTC Channel Advantage partner and is committed to provide industry best in class calculation solutions to our customer. Alfasoft has since 1989 been a leading supplier of scientific software towards the Nordic and East European countries. We are situated in Gothenburg, Oslo and Copenhagen. 
Our ambition is to offer the market competent guidance when choosing software and good service in delivery as well as technical support. We also offer courses in most of our products.

We at Alfasoft always strive to give you the best licensing for your needs. 

Alfasoft can offer online, onsite and training at our premises in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Oslo

Local language:
Alfasoft can offer sales and support in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English.

Alfasoft can offer consultation within calculations, installation, documentation i.e. anything concerning Matcad.

…..Our knowledge – your advantage