Rock Fan Engineers Fine Instrument Sound in New Guitar Design

Video Transcription

I am Timo Somers.
[21 years old.]
Born in Holland.

 [I've been playing in a lot of bands][touring around the world, recording albums.

 It is my passion.

I can't fully express myself with words and, you know, stuff like normal people do.][ when I grab a guitar, I think I can show all my emotions and everything, let it all out,]

SOT. Finishing another riff.

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My name is][ Aristides Poort], and we're here at the factory of Aristides Instruments. ][located at the beautiful city of Haarlem. ][The Netherlands.

it has been a love relationship since I was quite young,] it's][such an amazing cultural icon, the guitar and the electric guitar]

[my background is engineering, and I've always been interested in the engineering side, the designing side, and also the musical side of this whole story, and, for me, it's just a mixing of arts, crafts, engineering, software.

Beginning of Timo's Tune "At Home" up and under...

Naut in V/O:

I was working already with PTC Creo][And I met somebody, and he said to me, "Well, I'm working on this guitar, but ][it cannot be drawn in a computer because it's a hand sanded model, it's a very complicated shape, it cannot be done."  And it challenged me, and I said, "I can do that.

When I first saw Nout with the software, I thought, "Hey, who's that nerd over there?"

Music out....or way under

[We know what it was to do all of this handwork, and all of this tedious building][which is really][a difficult process, and, now, with PTC CREO I first saw it, it was, like, my eyes popped out. 

monster run on guitar

The big difference between a wooden guitar and this guitar is that it comes out of a mold, an aluminum mold.  And this mold, you cannot change it, it has to be perfect.][So you have to engineer everything in the computer.  Till the last thousandth of a millimeter.

you can stitch these surfaces continuously together, and that's a very important tool for me with PTC Creo.

the computer model, as a starting point, is 100% copied into the mold So,there is no difference between the computer model and the actual guitar.

so this guitar is really dynamic,

and, ][ you can express yourself in many ways.  [guitar playing] And you can turn it up a little bit.  [guitar playing] And you can also, just, you know, hard rock riff

Timo's a real virtuoso par excellence.  He's, like, a magician on the strings.

Or you can just go freaky with it.

And then go back to the whatever.

starting with an idea about a guitar, going into a design, going into a computer drawing, and actually with a lot of craftsmanship, going into the hands of the artist, it's pretty amazing to see.

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I played all over the world with

this guitar, and the fan response, always really good.  They think -- the design is really, really cool, and for me, the best thing is, if they say it sounds amazing, what is it?

I think it has improved my playing in a way that I can fully express myself, especially in a live situation,

it's the main motivation of the whole journey.  I mean, when you have somebody pick up your product and create this music with it, what better things can you do on this planet?

Music up and Under...

I think, classics are played by heroes, but maybe it's time to make new heroes with new, different guitars, and that maybe becomes a classic on its own.

Timo Sings: PTC CREO"