Brief Demonstration of PTC Product Analytics Solution

Video Transcription

To compete today, manufacturers must manage an ever increasing number of product performance dimensions, such as cost, weight, and carbon emissions, as well as new regulations and shrinking delivery timeframes. Its an enormous challenge to keep up with frequent changes in product designs, regulations, suppliers and costs while ensuring that targets are met.

PTC’s Product Analytics solution enables companies to analyze product compliance, performance and risk at the earliest phases of product development and continuing throughout the entire product lifecycle. The solution gives you full digital product representations that include a complete bill of information; enabling you to easily identify risk. Users across the enterprise will now always know the status of their products – based on real time BOM and product data.

With the power to analyze trade-off and what-if scenarios, you can explore the status of design alternatives, and quickly understand the impact of product changes across multiple product performance dimensions.

Graphical displays allow engineering teams to understand areas of risk, such as compliance with REACH, RoHS or Conflict Minerals. It also provides focus on opportunities for improvement, for example by showing which parts generate the majority of a product’s cost. The net result is increased innovation, and reduced rework, launch delays, and product recalls.

With PTC’s Product Analytics solution, you can identify and resolve costly problems and potential failure points BEFORE they occur, and bring better-performing, more profitable products to market faster.

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