Creo enables true collaborative engineering for Aston Martin Racing

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Creo enables true collaborative engineering for Aston Martin Racing

Creo suite of tools, I think, has opened up an awful lot more of the digital model to the wider team, be that just viewable from manufacturing, from customer support, or from the sales team. They might want to open the car and view it. Or from an engineering point of view we can take a concept model that's been created very simply and created direct, maybe by an unskilled designer that then can be opened up into something like Creo Parametric. Giving us the capability to add some more complexity to the design where it's needed and finally create all the manufacturing drawings off the back of it.

Speeding up lead times

I think that the biggest challenge we've got is the gap between drawing the bits and bolting the bit to the car. So, we can draw easy more with M-CAD tools, draw very complex components very easily. And obviously once they're made, they can be bolted to the car quite easily. [0:23]The actual getting the physical thing off the drawing board is the challenge So, be that communicating information for actually generating the tool parts that create the tools that we then make our body parts off, for example. There's a lead time associated with that, and compressing that lead time gives us a competitive advantage

Fixing problems early on

Obviously it's very important that we manage complex designs. A racing car in itself is made up of thousands and thousands of components and those components, any individual component could be quite complex in itself. So, managing that complexity in a digital form allows us to head off any problems that we might see once we get manufacturing, or even worse, to the racing circuits. [1:14] And it's usually done through information. So communicating information on the parts that we design to other team members, be them internally or manufacturers externally and ultimately to our customers. We can do all of that without having to physically make a part

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