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Video Transcription

Bill Berutti, Executive Vice President, Service Lifecycle Management

More and more manufacturers are looking to service as an opportunity for growth. This is happening in all industries around the world. The reason for this is that product revenue and margins are becoming harder and harder to come by. Service offers a fantastic opportunity for OEMs to drive revenue growth, drive more profitable opportunities, and to stay more connected to their customers throughout their product’s lifecycle which ultimately has the opportunity to drive customer satisfaction and more long term relationships.

PTC’s Service Lifecycle Management solutions help OEMs improve their service business in 3 very distinct ways:

First we help OEMs make sure that they are designing and delivering products to the market that have service in mind from the very beginning. We help OEMs to make sure that products are designed for serviceability. That we’re thinking about the way we want to run our service business and the way the product needs to perform in service at the time we originally create those products.

Secondly, we help deliver efficiency in the execution of your service business. We help OEMs do this by making sure that technicians and parts professionals understand what they’re going to need to do their job. That they have easy-to-understand information about how to perform technical procedures, that they understand what parts are necessary for a specific product, to drive efficiency into the service activity. In that same process we’re also collecting service information about the product. What service was performed on the product, what parts were replaced, what’s the latest configuration and the configuration history of that product? Including things like warranty failures for instance.

Now that information becomes very very valuable in not only managing your service business but also in the third major opportunity for PTC to help you create value in service. And that’s in the area of continuous improvement of the product for service – so helping you to feed back to the product development process the information necessary to design better products in the future that will help you run your service business more effectively.

Thank you and I hope that you’ll find the time to learn more about PTC’s Service Lifecycle Management solutions and how they can help you create product and service advantage for your company.

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