PTC’s Service Parts Solution

Video Transcription

Tom Sears, Technical Vice President, Product Management

The PTC Service Parts solution helps companies improve their part information accuracy to increase part revenue and profitability while reducing part order errors, returns and obsolete inventories.

The challenge many companies face today is that their products are becoming much more complex and configurable. Their traditional method in which they provided their part information has become very time-consuming for the end-users to find the specific parts they need. The generic way in which this information was provided forces users to order more parts than are necessary to ensure they get the parts they need, and then return the parts that are not used during the repair. The result is an increase in order returns, inventory and obsolete parts.

PTC's solution overcomes these challenges by providing VIN or serial number specific part information, providing the user with only the parts that are valid for the product they're working on. This information is linked to the source engineering and manufacturing content to ensure that it's up-to-date and as accurate as possible. The solution is provided online and offline to make it accessible by all members of the service network. This helps to improve part revenue and profitability.

By implementing the Service Parts solution with PTC's other Service Lifecycle Management solutions, companies can reduce the overall service cycle time by linking the procedures necessary for installing the parts directly with the part information and also linking the warranty policies with the part information to automatically generate and process claims.