PTC’s Technical Information Solution

Video Transcription

Brian Lindauer, Senior Vice President, Service Lifecycle Management

Technical Information is critical to service. Having the right information at the point of service that is accurate and easy to understand and specific to the equipment you are working on helps drive efficiency, improving key metrics such as first time fix rate, machine uptime, and driving customer value and overall satisfaction.

Unfortunately technical information suffers from a number of challenges today. Typically a technician is forced to deal with information that is either book based, difficult to understand due to lack of illustrations and visuals and quite often out of date and quite typically is not specific to the equipment they are trying to service.

PTC's unique approach to technical information solves these challenges by allowing you to author, manage and deliver technical information in a product centric manner. By product centric we mean that your information is organized by product structure rather than based by on a document outline. We also allow you to leverage up stream engineering CAD to drive rich graphical illustrations for procedural information or parts identification. Additionally we allow you to connect with engineering change management processes to help make sure your technical information is always up to date.

Together these capabilities make it easier to provide technical information at the point of service that is easily found, understood and trusted.

PTC's holistic solution for technical information delivers all of the capabilities you need to drive breakthrough levels of efficiency in your service lifecycle.