Service Lifecycle Management

Video Transcription

Kevin Wrenn, Divisional General Manager, Service Lifecycle Management

World class OEMs are looking to drive higher customer value. They're doing this by offering solutions to their customers. Rather than just designing and building products, they're focused on delivering solutions to their customers that drive high value. These solutions are the combination of their best products and their best services. As it turns out these services are driving high customer satisfaction, lots of customer retention, big revenue streams and high margins.

We find that the most successful and innovative OEMs are taking a holistic approach to product lifecycle. In general they're following 3 principles:

PTC’s unique approach to Service Lifecycle Management, or SLM, is product-centric. What this means is that the central organizing construct for services processes, data and history is the product itself. We've used this innovative approach to build 5 solutions around 5 key functions inside an OEM: Technical Information, Service Parts, Warranty and Contract Management, In-Service Product Support and Service Event Management.

I encourage you to learn more about how PTC's SLM solutions can drive product and service advantage inside your company