Weatherford - Managing Product Data That Will Live Forever

Video Transcription

Weatherford's an oil field services company.  We're a big company. Our major competitors would be Schlumberger, Baker-Hughes, and Halliburton. We're one of the four biggest players in the area.  We provide products and services for the oil field.

I am responsible for all the technical aspects of our installation and support and deployment and implementation.

One of the biggest issues we're facing, because we've such a large data footprint, is the ability to displace parts or consolidate duplicate parts.

We've made the data so accessible that, really, anywhere in the world you can get some kind of network connection and connect to the internet, if you've a Weatherford account and the relevant permissions, you can

open data on really any device.  The ability to globalize our data has been really successful.

We've a really good change management solution that works effectively on a global level.  And that's been pretty innovative and not easy to do but very beneficial to the business now that we've got it done.

We try to engineer innovative products that are market-leading in some way to get us service contracts. If we have equipment that can do something faster than our competitors, we're more likely to get that job.  Having to rank crude and ready-to-drill is expensive.  So, anything we can do with our products to reduce req time, to maybe reduce trips in and out of the well or increase the life of equipment or to be able to drill deeper or further or faster than our competitors, that's more likely to land us a service contract.

Making the data accessible, managing the data, change management is a big thing for us.  With so many different locations, just knowing who to contact, who to help get a change implemented, that's really important.