How AGCO uses PLM to Simplify Global Product Development

Video Transcription

My name is Eric Froebel with AGCO Corporation. Our mission is high tech solutions for the professional farmers feeding the world. AGCO's in the business of highly configured products built to order.

AGCO has primarily grown over the last 21 years through mergers and acquisition. Along with that comes their legacy IT landscape and very rarely do we find that it's similar. Overcoming the challenge of the disparate systems in a cost effective way that still allows the business to operate is one of our big challenges as a company.

What's driving most of our product development programs right now is regulatory requirements around engine emissions. Those are getting more stringent around the world at different paces. So when you're growing global product development programs, that creates a very interesting dilemma or challenge that we need to overcome.

From a quality perspective right now we're trying to focus on the customer experience, so we're trying to make sure the equipment that gets delivered to a dealership is right the first time. The second major front we have going on is on the service side. We want to make sure that we can solve that problem with the first call, provide the dealership technicians with the right information, with the right parts, so that they can go to the field and fix that machine and get the farmer back up and running.

To do global programs we need to start driving more standardization into the process. We need to start getting those nuggets of knowledge that these tribal experts have and push them into the hands of the masses so that we enable them to make better decisions and solve problems faster.

We have a great challenge in communication, in synchronization of those, and then in the distribution. Just trying to keep all of these different constituents, all these different usages, and all this different data synchronized with each other. The better we can do that, the faster we will be, the higher quality the products will be, and the better able we'll be able to deliver that tractor to that customer, configured the way they want it, with high quality, when they want that product.