Product Lifecycle Management drives innovation at Lenovo

Video Transcription

I work for Lenovo in the product group, in the business transformation area. Each of our business units has a business transformation team and we represent the product group. The vision for our company is to be the number one technology company in the world. Right now we are mostly a PC company but we are expanding towards mobile and digital home tablets, TVs, etc. Ultimately we would like to be number one. We have kept the ThinkPad as-is and we have introduced new innovation to it and that is mostly due to the freedom that the teams have in going and experimenting and innovating. But we also introduced a new line that lets us go and target newer customers.

The challenges that we have right now are definitely resource and time based. We introduce the products into the other business units so they have other requirements on us.

From a tool perspective our main priority was to get rid of the IBM systems and that was our primary driver to go replace it with something else because we had to keep our business running. And we did that with Windchill.

Windchill tools have helped us, more specifically ProjectLink. We are more into collaborating with our partners that way. Being international does definitely bring out cultural challenges that we have because we have to deal with the priorities and requirements of different areas in the business so we have design teams in Japan and China. These tools have definitely helped us to be more efficient communicators and collaborators.

We are just striving to be more mature in our processes and we definitely see that having PLM tools helps us do that and we see that different requirements from different organizations and having these tools helps us service their requirements. So that would be our driver to go with PLM tools.

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