Flexibly and transparently manage, control and distribute CADDS 5 and other related product development information.

Optegra provides an easy-to-use, open, distributed information environment for managing CADDS 5 data. This unique architecture allows information consumers throughout the engineering workgroup to access up-to-date information from any desktop PC or workstation in a secure, controlled setting. EPD.Connect – a common user interface and single integrated user environment gives you fast, easy access to all engineering resources – people, information, software tools- at your fingertips.

The Optegra product family consists of the following modules:

Optegra Vault Access

Optegra Vault Access provides workgroup data management capabilities, enabling users to browse, locate, and store all types of company information. Locator, the intuitive, multi-platform user and administrator level interface, is now packaged with each license of Optegra Vault Access, providing:

Optegra Distributed Vault

Optegra vaults can be linked together through the Optegra Distributed Vault module into one logical database, allowing users to access information, from different servers, transparently, without needing to know in which particular vault the information resides. The Optegra Distributed Vault:

EPD.Connect Client

EPD.Connect Client provides a functionality rich work environment that leverages team productivity by connecting team members with one another and to the information and applications relevant to their tasks. EPD.Connect Client is the first software tool that dynamically links a product to its structure and associates it to the processes and applications used to create or modify it.

EPD.Connect Client also provides a common interface with a Windows look-and-feel for all enterprise computing. It connects all users, whatever their role or location, to up-to-date information, to each other, and to the processes in which they participate. It also functions as a common on-line work environment, supplying users with the software they need to do their jobs and engaging them in their work processes at the right time.

EPD.Connect Client consists of multiple information views that are mutually interactive, so that a change in one results in real-time update in the others. These views are:


EPD.Visualizer lets you visually enter and fly-through CAD (e.g. CADDS 5, MEDUSA, Dimension III) models, and record and playback animated movies. As you enter the models in EPD.Visualizer, you gain more understanding of the structure and appearance from every angle. EPD.Visualizer simulates virtual walk-throughs of your 3D scene, such as detailed mechanical designs, power or process plants, offshore platforms and ships, manufacturing and office facilities, and civil sites. These 3D scenes can be accented with lights to allow greater realism. EPD.Visualizer also accesses the Database Management System (DBMS) for live engineering data through the SQL interface.

In addition, you can simulate high-quality presentations with clarity and detail. The graphics performance enables access to aesthetics, clearances, construction or manufacturing requirements, and overall site conditions. You can easily transfer information to EPD.Visualizer from many PTC CAD/CAM/CAE products for on-screen viewing in a matter of minutes. Models from CADDS 5, MEDUSA, and Dimension III can be accessed transparently through the EPD.Visualizer interface, which uses a common graphic file format.

EPD.Visualizer Advanced Rendering

This product option allows users to generate realistic looking scenes using a combination of metal properties, lighting and rendering methods. Advanced rendering and lighting features include radiosity and new tracing, as well as rectangular and circular lighting. Material properties define and control the colour, look and feel of a surface.

Optegra Workgroup Manager

This package contains a complete Optegra client solution, which also includes the Optegra Gateway to Windchill. This enables certain Optegra data to be published into Windchill.

The Optegra Workgroup Manager package includes


This package is targeted at customers who will administer informational management systems. Administration includes, but is not limited to, defining user control and access, database archiving and network management via Optegra applications such as Vault Access. The customer accesses these capabilities through the EPD.Connect Client interface.

This package includes:

Optegra Vault Interface for AutoCAD

The Optegra Vault Interface for AutoCAD enables your Locator software, from within the Optegra Vault Access, to handle AutoCAD data. It performs Vault operations with AutoCAD assemblies, drawings, parts, layouts, formats and user-defined files.

Vault commands, such as Store, Get, and Replace, can also be used with AutoCAD data. When an object is Stored, Updated, or Replaced in the Vault, the interface associates the object with other objects in an assembly and creates a Vault picture of the entire assembly. In addition, you can access all Locator functions from within AutoCAD.

EPD Interface for CADDS 5

The EPD Interface for CADDS 5 allows CADDS and CAMU users to store, retrieve and query their parts, assemblies and product structures within the Optegra Vault. It provides access to all Optegra Vault's data and release management services from within the CADDS application. Alternatively, Optegra Locator can be used to browse the vault for desired parts launching CADDS automatically when the part is retrieved.

EPD Interface for CATIA

The EPD Interface for CATIA helps you leverage CATIA design information across more processes and people using EPD.Connect Client and Optegra Vault Access. With this module a user can import CATIA assembly structures into EPD.Connect Client's product structure window directly while also presenting the CATIA model graphics in the 3-D viewer. It provides for the management of CATIA models in the Optegra Vault, where the Vault commands (Store, Get, Replace, Update, and Read) can be easily extended to meet your specific CATIA data management requirements.

Both CATIA V4 and V5 are supported. CATIA V4 model graphics viewables creation is an integral part of this solution. However for CATIA V5 the Theorem CADverter for ProductView is required for graphic viewable creation

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