CADDS 5 CVMAC Compiler

Extensive user programming capabilities that augment the CADDS family of software applications.

The CVMAC graphics computer programming language allows users to integrate unique procedures into CADDS 5 in order to automate repetitive operations, add new features, or tailor the system to meet specific requirements. This fully compiled language is optimized for speed and portability.

CVMAC offers commands at all levels of sophistication, permitting both beginners and experienced users to optimize their levels of productivity. The CVMAC language is easy to learn and use. It requires no previous programming experience. In fact, CVMAC programs can include textual prompts and/or references to data files that permit the inexperienced user to employ the language successfully. The layered architecture supports easy maintenance of user-developed applications.

From directly within CVMAC programs, users can create CADDS 5 design and drawing files, including geometric constructs, dimensioning, and text. CVMAC supports basic CADDS 5 operations such as view manipulation and user digitizing. The language also provides a variety of ways to position and search through a CADDS 5 database, and selectively retrieve information. The tool offers many high-level features, such as control statements and functions, along with CAD/CAM/CAE-specific programming features.



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