Microsoft Security Update KB2962872 causes premature exit in Internet Explorer while executing operations in Windchill
It has been found that after applying Microsoft Security update KB2962872, released July 8th 2014, Internet Explorer will exit prematurely when performing operations in the Windchill user interface.
Externalize Expressions Function in Windchill May Cause Data Corruption under certain database conditions in Windchill PDMLink 10.0-10.2
Externalize Expressions Function in Windchill May Cause Data Corruption under certain database conditions in Windchill PDMLink 10.0-10.2
Critical issue found in verdict calculation in Windchill Product Analytics 10.1 M020 P08 and P09 and Windchill Product Analytics 10.2 F000 P03 and P04
Customers who have deployed recent patches to Windchill Product Analytics 10.1 M020 or Windchill Product Analytics 10.2 F000 have the potential for incorrect verdict calculations under certain conditions.
A New Windchill Security Update Patch (SUP10) is Available 31-Jul-2014
Integrity 10.4 HotFix HF-S100000004-017: Resynchronize operation appears unresponsive 30-Jul-2014
Integrity Server 10.4 HF-S100000004-018: Web security vulnerability exists 28-Jul-2014
PTC Technical Support – Customer Experience Survey Invitation 24-Jul-2014
ThingWorx Technical Support Transition Is Complete! 21-Jul-2014
Supported Date-time Format Change in Integrity 10.5 16-Jul-2014
Integrity 10.4 HotFix HF-S100000004-016: Images imported from Microsoft Word 2010 are distorted 10-Jul-2014
PTC Creo Elements/Direct 19.0 F000 now available 23-Jun-2014
Integrity Client 10.4 HotFix HF-S100000004-015: Double-click document does not display the Document view 20-Jun-2014
Windchill Workgroup Manager 10.1 M040 Functional Patch (12-June-2014) 12-Jun-2014
Windchill functional issues related to regressions in Google Chrome versions 33-35 09-Jun-2014
05-June-2014 Implementer with integration to Integrity: Patch 977584 must be applied using the Implementer Update utility. 05-Jun-2014
Integrity Server 10.5 HotFix HF-S110000000-004: Images in item presentation templates load very slowly using the Integrity Client GUI 28-May-2014
Version 35.0.1916.114m of Google Chrome prevents tabs from working in Windchill 28-May-2014
Implementer 11.0 has been released! 14-May-2014
Integrity 10.5 HotFix HF-S110000000-003: Error when attempting to check in document content that was previously revisioned 08-May-2014
Integrity 10.3 HotFix HF-S100000003-016: Computed field values are incorrect after changing a referenced single-valued picklist field to multi-valued and then back to single-valued 01-May-2014
Integrity 10.5 HotFix HF-S110000000-002: Batch processing in the CopyDB utility fails to migrate a DB2 database to Microsoft SQL Server 11-Apr-2014
Integrity Client 10.3 HotFix HF-S100000003-015: Automatic merge does not preserve character encoding 09-Apr-2014
PTC Integrity Integration with Microsoft® Excel v2.3 has been released! 24-Mar-2014
PTC Integrity Integration With Microsoft® Project v1.4 is released! 24-Mar-2014
PTC Integrity 10.5 has been released! 20-Mar-2014
PTC is retiring PTC Windchill PPMLink 18-Mar-2014
Integrity Client 10.4 HotFix HF-S100000004-012: File names of image attachments increase in length each time the image is pasted into a rich text field in the Document View 11-Mar-2014
Integrity Client 10.2 HotFix HF-S100000002-015: File names of image attachments increase in length each time the image is pasted into a rich text field in the Document View 11-Mar-2014
Defect in handling of unitized expressions of angular values in PTC Creo Parametric 2.0 07-Mar-2014
Integrity 10.3 Hotfix HF-S100000003-011: Incorrect parsing of attributes for anchor and image HTML elements displays broken images in Integrity reports 03-Mar-2014
Integrity 10.3 HotFix HF-S100000003-0010: Performance improvements to Retarget Sandbox command and various Configuration Management commands 28-Feb-2014
Integrity 10.3 HotFix HF-S100000003-009: Performance improvements to Configuration Management operations 24-Feb-2014
eSupport Portal - February Maintenance Release Notice 20-Feb-2014
Integrity 10.4 HotFix HF-S100000004-011: Gateway re-import fails with NullPointerException when computing a mapping 11-Feb-2014
Oracle Text Index issue with Integrity 10-Feb-2014
Windchill 10.2 M010_CPS01 has been released! 06-Feb-2014
Integrity 10.3 HotFix HF-S100000003-008: Cannot create a build Sandbox from a subproject reconfigured as a variant 30-Jan-2014
PTC System Monitor 3.0 F000 is Available For Download 30-Jan-2014
Java 7 support for PTC Windchill Product Analytics 10.2 29-Jan-2014
Enigma Technical Support Transition Is Complete! 26-Jan-2014
Integrity 10.5 Release Important Installation Information 24-Jan-2014
A premature exit can occur when using an Intel Embedded Graphics card with Creo Parametric 2.0 M090 23-Jan-2014
Integrity 10.4 HotFix HF-S100000004-010: Drag and Drop of item in document view can overwrite other item 22-Jan-2014
Integrity Document Model Final Update 09-Jan-2014
Integrity 10.1 HotFix HF-S100000001-033: Automatic merge member changes working file from UTF8 to Windows Latin 09-Jan-2014
Integrity 10.4 HotFix HF-S100000004-008: PTC System Monitor Client and Server PurePaths do not link together with Integrity 10.4 06-Jan-2014
Windchill 10.2 F000_CPS03 has been released! 20-Dec-2013
Integrity 10.1 HotFix HF-S100000001-032: Mandatory fields are not editable when you switch the state in the inline edit mode 20-Dec-2013
Integrity 2009 SP7 HotFix HF-S041000007-019: Reduce memory consumption in RCS to DB backend migration 20-Dec-2013
Windchill Workgroup Manager 10.1 M040 Functional Patch 17-Dec-2013
Integrity 10.1 Hotfix HF-S100000001-031: Reports need to be able to display Test Case fields as of the Test Session test date 13-Dec-2013
PTC Pro/INTRALINK Data Migrator will be retired after PTC Windchill 10.2 12-Dec-2013
Integrity 10.3 Hotfix HF-S100000003-007: si add with createSubprojects option enabled is slow 09-Dec-2013
PTC Creo Elements/Direct 18.1 M050 now available 09-Dec-2013
Integrity 10.5 Supported Platforms Update 06-Dec-2013
Integrity 10.7 Supported Platforms and Integrations Changes 06-Dec-2013
Integrity 10.1 Hotfix HF-S100000001-030: hasProjectPermissions Field relationship does not work on multi valued fields 26-Nov-2013
Windchill 10.2 F000_CPS02 has been released! 25-Nov-2013
Integrity 10.1 Hotfix HF-S100000001-029: Symbolic Max and Min values for a date backed FVA field are cached as static values 21-Nov-2013
A New Windchill Security Update Patch (SUP9) is Available 19-Nov-2013
Integrity 10.3 Hotfix HF-S100000003-006: Field relationship constraint hasProjectPermission does not correctly validate against multi-valued user or group fields when multiple values are specified 12-Nov-2013
Integrity 10.3 HotFix HF-S100000003-004: Running the im timeentries command multiple times may generate inconsistent results 31-Oct-2013
PTC Integrity RIF Utility 2.5 has been released! 28-Oct-2013
Integrity 10.4 Hotfix HF-S100000004-007: Java 7 update 40 can cause Integrity integration with Eclipse to fail 25-Oct-2013
Integrity 10.0 Hotfix HF-S100000000-023: Resolve remote file access issue affecting RIF utility and Eclipse integration 25-Oct-2013
Integrity 10.4 Hotfix HF-S100000004-006: Workflow causes duplicate item creation when first state is without self transition 24-Oct-2013
PTC Integrity Hotfixes now publically available 22-Oct-2013
Integrity 2009 SP6 Hotfix HF-S041000006-047: Members dropped after adding sub of the same name as previously shared sub 18-Oct-2013
Integrity 10.4 Hotfix HF-S100000004-004: Using ApplyCP with a change package containing a moved MoveMember entry can result in a dropped member 16-Oct-2013
Critical reposting of REACH Candidate June 2013 specification in Windchill Product Analytics 15-Oct-2013
Integrity 10.4 Hotfix HF-S100000004-005: Rare communication issue can cause clients, proxies, or servers to wait indefinitely for data 11-Oct-2013
UPDATE: A New Windchill Security Update Patch (SUP8) is Available 09-Oct-2013
Integrity 10.1 Hotfix HF-S100000001-028: Clients hang caused by race condition in BEEP 08-Oct-2013
Integrity 10.1 Hotfix HF-S100000001-027: Disconnecting a user from the Integrity Administration Client automatically re-connects the user with a different session ID 01-Oct-2013
Java 7 update 40 can cause Integrity’s Eclipse Integration to fail 27-Sep-2013
New License Request form for Windchill Product Analytics (formerly InSight) 25-Sep-2013
Newly released Java 7 update 40 may cause Integrity Integrations built with the Java API to stop working correctly. 20-Sep-2013
Integrity 10.3 Hotfix HF-S100000003-003: Disconnecting a user from the Integrity Administration Client automatically re-connects the user with a different session ID 18-Sep-2013
Implementer 10.3 has been released! 18-Sep-2013
Integrity 10.4 Hotfix HF-S100000004-003: Audit Logging memory leak 11-Sep-2013
PTC updates CADDS5 roadmap to improve CADDS5 performance, the parts entity will be expanded from 260K to 520K 10-Sep-2013
Windchill Workgroup Manager 10.1 M040 Performance and Functional Patch 29-Aug-2013
Integrity 10.4 Hotfix HF-S100000004-001: Item editing fix bundle 29-Aug-2013
Integrity 10.2 HotFix HF-S100000002-014: Pinned objects in the SIObjectCache may cause memory leakage on the Integrity Client 26-Aug-2013
New Monthly Preventative Maintenance Fixes for PTC Windchill Customers 20-Aug-2013
Integrity 10.3 HotFix HF-S100000003-002: Security enhancement for Integrity Web Services 19-Aug-2013
Integrity Web interface and Web Services security improvements 07-Aug-2013
Integrity 10.2 Hotfix HF-S100000002-013: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException error in the audit logger causes a memory leak on the Integrity Server (922438) 06-Aug-2013
PTC Integrity 10.4 has been released! 01-Aug-2013
Deprecated methods have been removed from the Java API in Integrity 10.4 and may cause custom Integrations or Triggers to stop working correctly 31-Jul-2013
Integrity 2009 SP7 Hotfix HF-S041000007-018: Reports need to be able to display Test Case fields as of the Test Session test date 27-Jun-2013
Integrity 10.2 Hotfix HF-S100000002-011: Webservice getItemsByCustomQuery method returns an NPE when there are no query results 07-Jun-2013
Integrity 10.2 Hotfix S100000002-010: Create Change Package dialog box invoked from floating Item Edit view does not preselect the item 03-Jun-2013
Integrity 10.1 HotFix HF-S100000001-024: Create Change Package Dialog invoked from floating item edit does not preselect the item any more 24-May-2013
Integrity Server 10.3 fails to start if LDAP properties have mismatched enumeration 15-May-2013
Integrity Server 10.2 Hotfix HF-S100000002-008: Different member revision states or lacking members in Sandboxes on proxy compared to main server 02-May-2013
Integrity Server 10.1 Hotfix HF-S100000001-023: Different member revision states or lacking members in Sandboxes on proxy compared to main server 30-Apr-2013
Integrity 2009 SP6 Hotfix HF-S041000006-046: Error when changing column contexts in the Document view 23-Apr-2013
RIF Utility 2.4 is Released! 22-Apr-2013
Integrity Server 2009 SP6 HotFix HF-S041000006-045: Different member revision states or lacking members in Sandboxes on proxy compared to main server 16-Apr-2013
New Customer Support Guide 05-Apr-2013
Use the PTC System Monitor to Reduce Your Time to Resolution 20-Mar-2013
Integrity Server 10.3 HotFix HF-S100000003-001: MS SQL dynamic aggregate computation creation can cause MS SQL deadlock 14-Mar-2013
Integrity Server 10.0 HotFix HF-S100000000-022: Updated Integrity "siProjectBean" and "siSubprojectBean" now provide project configuration path information 06-Mar-2013
Integrity 2009 SP6 Hotfix HF-S041000006-044: MTOM support for Source_2009 WebServices 22-Feb-2013
PTC Integrity MathWorks 1.2 Integration Has Been Released! 20-Feb-2013
Increase in default PermGen memory may prevent Integrity 10.3 servers on 32-bit machines from starting 12-Feb-2013
PTC Integrity 10.3 is Released! 05-Feb-2013
Integrity Server 10.1 HotFix HF-S100000001-021: createContent event trigger method fails due to document model constraints 04-Feb-2013
Integrity 10.2 HotFix HF-S100000002-007: New Integrity Server configuration property for normalizing line terminators 24-Jan-2013
Integrity 10.0 Hotfix HF-S100000000-021: Eclipse Synchronize View shows no changes when si viewsandbox has exception on members without working revision 14-Jan-2013
Integrity 10.2 Hotfix HF-S100000002-005: Cannot view revision from Source Web UI if a white space is included in the member name 11-Jan-2013
Windchill Gateway for Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager will be Evaluation Only in 10.1 M030 and 10.1 M040 01-Jan-2013
Integrity 10.2 Hotfix HF-S100000002-003 19-Dec-2012
Integrity 10.2 Hotfix HF-S100000002-002 05-Dec-2012
NEW PTC Licensing Tool for Integrity, CADDS 5 and Optegra products 30-Nov-2012
Integrity Server and Client 10.1 HotFix HF-S100000001-019 21-Nov-2012
Creo Parametric 2.0 Generic issue resolved in Creo 2.0 M030 – available November 28 20-Nov-2012
Integrity 2009 SP6 Hotfix HF-S041000006-042 15-Nov-2012
Integrity 10.1 Hotfix HF-S100000001-017 13-Nov-2012
Windchill Quality Solutions 'Out of Browser' web client application requires reinstallation after applying updates released later than Nov 1, 2012 01-Nov-2012
Integrity 10.2 Hotfix HF-S100000002-001 30-Oct-2012
PTC Creo Elements/Direct 18.1 M020 now available 12-Oct-2012
PTC Integrity 10.2 is Released! 05-Oct-2012
PTC Announcement Of Deploy EOL and Electric Cloud Offer 03-Oct-2012
Integrity Server 2009 (SP7) HotFix HF-S041000007-016 03-Oct-2012
Integrity Client 10.1 HotFix HF-S100000001-013 01-Oct-2012
Integrity 10.1 HotFix S100000001-014 26-Sep-2012
Integrity 10.1 HotFix HF-S100000001-015 21-Sep-2012
Integrity Server 2009 SP6 HotFix HF-S041000006-040 14-Sep-2012
Integrity 10.1 HotFix HF-S100000001-012 12-Sep-2012
Released: MKS Requirements Interchange Format Utility 2.1.1 10-Sep-2012
Potential incompatibility issue between Microsoft SSL/TLS and web proxies that affect PTC Integrity's SSL implementation 10-Sep-2012
Notice to PTC customers using Integrity with MS SQL Server 2008 and MS SQL Server 2008 R2 10-Sep-2012
Notice to PTC customers using Integrity with AIX or IBM DB2 Database for Linux, UNIX, and Windows 10-Sep-2012
New License File Required Before Upgrading to Integrity 10.1 10-Sep-2012
Integrity 2007 "Extended Support" phase update 10-Sep-2012
End of Support for RCS-Style SCM repository in Integrity 10.0 10-Sep-2012
End of Support for FlexNet license manager on Novell SUSE Linux 10-Sep-2012
Document Model Alert 10-Sep-2012
A New Windchill Security Update Patch (SUP7) is Available 17-Jul-2012
Windchill Product Analytics 10.1 upgrade information regarding data indexing 19-Jun-2012
Independent Mode of Creo Simulate (Mechanica) - Retirement Notice 06-May-2012
Creo 1.0 Products Maintenance Release Schedule 04-May-2012
TS Security Bulletin - Security issue for Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager 18.0 09-Jan-2012
Arbortext 6.0 Licensing Transition 11-Jan-2011
The licensing process for Relex products has changed 12-Nov-2010
Arbortext Publishing Engine 6.0 Platform Support 17-Feb-2010

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