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  1. Meinhardt Facade Technology Adopts PTC’s Mathcad to Improve Calculation Productivity
  2. Superior Technological Design at Doosan IMGB with Creo Elements/Pro
  3. “Windchill PDMLink helps us to automate documentation production processes in all departments within the company.” Fimi S.p.a.
  4. “Thanks to PDMLink and Randit, we have clearly improved productivity, reducing traditional paper-based documentation for ISO process.” Sebastiano Cataudo, PDM administrator, Plast Project S.r.l.
  5. PTC Customer and Performance Partner Increases Efficiency and Performance while Cutting Costs.
  6. "Comet’s ability to provide a robust, bi-directional integration with Creo Elements/Pro relies on PTC’s Creo Elements/Pro TOOLKIT Customization API access, as well as the strong technical support provided by the PTC PartnerAdvantage team. As a Gold Partner, we will continue to expand our integration with Creo Elements/Pro and with other core PTC tools such as Mathcad® and Windchill®."
  7. Through PTC’s Partner Advantage Program, Software Developers such as carat robotic, Can License PTC’s GRANITE to Add Robust Interoperability to their Software Applications.
  8. “We downloaded the evaluation version, and we were absolutely charmed by how easy Creo Elements/Direct Modeling is to use. The whole team could work on a design, and making changes to someone else’s work was trivial.” – Mr. Oe, Engineering Department, Seiwa Giken Co.
  9. “Using Creo Elements/Direct Modeling for engineering and development, Meco’s designs are 40 percent more effective in terms of time savings,and the quality of the designs is better.” – Erik Kooyman Manager of Mechanical Engineering Meco Equipment
  10. Speeds Innovation and Time-to-Market Using Intuitive Direct Modeling and Data Management Tools
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