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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries standardizes on Product Lifecycle Management
PTC Product Lifecycle Management improves production of turbocharge engines
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State of Minnesota Streamlines Document Publishing with PTC Arbortext
“PTC Arbortext software allows our users to more easily automate the publishing process, reuse text, build bill titles, add numbered references and collaborate with other agencies. As our new system matures, I believe PTC Arbortext will help us work more efficiently and make our jobs easier.” –...
  1. To reduce the amount of work and cost involved in producing workshop documentation, and to facilitate the reuse of existing engineering and product development information, Porsche developed an Integrated Workshop Information System: PIWIS. The core component of PIWIS is PTC Arbortext which provides product and configuration-specific information either online or on paper to complete the relevant service or maintenance task, as needed.