Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition

The Industry Standard in 3D CAD, Work Faster, Study Smarter

Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) empowers both students and educators with the best 3D CAD technology in the industry. This product includes all the tools that students and educators need to create highest-quality 3D CAD models. You can create stylish surfaces, build complex assemblies, analyze the behavior of models, simulate their performance, animate your designs, render amazing photos, and perform many other 3D design functions with impressive speed. You get the same award-winning ease, performance and functionality found in the standard Creo Elements/Pro, yet in a customized version perfectly suited to students and educators.

Thousands of students and educators worldwide choose Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition because the tools, skills and knowledge gained from using this powerful solution are highly valued by manufacturers and design companies across the globe. By learning and practicing on this productive platform, students and educators can realize their ultimate potential in 3D design. Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition provides students and educators with following capabilities and benefits:

Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition features an intuitive interface that guides you as you work, so you can bring your most creative ideas to life—fast. Its streamlined workflow enables you to complete a variety of tasks and functions with far fewer menu picks than other CAD products.

In recent benchmark tests, Creo Elements/Pro users performed tasks 40% to 70% faster than competitive CAD solutions. With Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition, both novice users and power users are productive ‘right out of the box.’ Here’s what you can achieve:

  • Quickly create high quality, highly innovative product models
  • Handle complex surfacing requirements with ease
  • Create great-looking designs, featuring innovative shapes
  • Analyze model performance and simulate real-world conditions
  • Automatically check for design quality and accuracy
  • Instantly connect to information, resources and colleagues over the Internet

Because all the modules in the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition are fully integrated and 100% associative, changes made to one area are instantly propagated to all other areas—so you can instantly view and verify design changes. The Student Edition includes these full-functioning Creo Elements/Pro modules:

  • Creo Elements/Pro Foundation XE*
  • Interactive Surface Design
  • Advanced Assembly
  • Behavioral Modeling
  • Design Animation
  • Mechanism Dynamics
  • Simulation (Mechanica Structure & Thermal)
  • Advanced Rendering
  • Tolerance Analysis

*Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition does not include the following modules that are part of the commercial Creo Elements/Pro Foundation XE Package: INTERFACE®; for CADDS, INTERFACE®; for CATIA®, or Pro/PDGS®.

The Student Edition is Web-enabled, which means you can access information and resources across the World Wide Web at Internet speed. Visit the Pro/ENGINEER Resource Center for valuable technical tips and tutorials on Creo Elements/Pro, or search the Internet for 3D CAD part libraries for parts and components that fit into your models.
The Student Edition features the same advanced Creo Elements/Pro technology used everyday by hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide. That means the tools you learn and the skills you develop will be immediately transferable to the professional world. Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition delivers the following capabilities that thousands of global companies are looking for:

  • Comprehensive 3D solid modeling
  • Technical surfacing
  • Assembly and sheet metal modeling
  • Weld modeling and documentation
  • Mechanism design and design animation
  • Detailed documentation, with 2D and 3D drawings
  • Real-time photo rendering
  • Imported data repair
  • Model quality assurance
  • Complete library of parts, features, tools and more

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If your goal is to learn a 3D CAD solution that’s easy, powerful, and highly valued by global industry, Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition is your perfect choice.

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