Release Notes for Mathcad 14

These notes provide the most up-to-date information regarding Mathcad 14 as of 08/30/2007. Updates to this document are available at PTC Reference Documents or Mathcad Single-User support.


  1. What's New in Mathcad
    1. What's New in Mathcad 14 M011
    2. What's New in Mathcad 14 M010
    3. What's New in Mathcad 14 F000
    4. What's New in Mathcad 13.1
    5. What's New in Mathcad 13
  2. Installation Information
    1. System Requirements
    2. Contents of the Mathcad Installation CD
    3. Installation of Mathcad
    4. Additional Installation Information for Beta Users
    5. Side-by-Side Installation Issues
  3. Known Limitations
  4. Problems Fixed
    1. Problems Fixed in Mathcad 14 M011
    2. Problems Fixed in Mathcad 14 M010
    3. Problems Fixed in Mathcad 14 F000
    4. Problems Fixed in Mathcad 13.1
    5. Problems Fixed in Mathcad 13
  5. Additional Mathcad Help
    1. Mathcad Documentation
    2. Technical Support
    3. Licensing Support
    4. Online Information
    5. Software Download

1. What's New in Mathcad

What's New in Mathcad 14 M011

There are no new features in Mathcad 14 M011.

What's New in Mathcad 14 M010

Mathcad 14 M010 fixes and improves existing functionality, and includes several new features:

In addition, support for certain features has been deprecated in this release. The Dimensions tab of the Worksheet Options dialog and support for file formats prior to Mathcad 7 will be removed from upcoming releases of Mathcad.

What's New in Mathcad 14 F000

Mathcad 14 includes enhancements and new features designed to increase usability and productivity:

What's New in Mathcad 13.1

Mathcad 13.1 contains many bug fixes and improvements and enhancements to the following functionality:

What's New in Mathcad 13

Mathcad 13 features a number of improvements designed to increase your productivity and the breadth and speed of mathematical operations you can do in Mathcad.

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2. Installation Information

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

* Software can be installed automatically during the Mathcad installation.

¹ The latest version of this software is available on the Mathcad CD from a separate installer.

§ Internet Explorer 6.0 or later is required for full functionality of the Help system, accessing HTML content within the Resources window, the opening and saving of Web-based files, and automatic product licensing. You do not need to make Internet Explorer your default browser to utilize this functionality.

2.2 Contents of the Mathcad Installation CD

The Mathcad CD contains the following:

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Installation of Mathcad

You may install Mathcad 14 on the same system as Mathcad 11, Mathcad 12, or Mathcad 13.

In order for all supported versions to work properly, they must be installed and repaired in the order they were released, starting with Mathcad 11. Apply any patches or updates for a particular release before proceeding to the next release.

If you uninstall a version of Mathcad, you must repair any previous installed versions, then reinstall the uninstalled version (if necessary), then repair any successive installed versions.

Before you install Mathcad 14 on a system alongside an earlier version of Mathcad, read the section titled Side-by-Side Installation Issues.

Before Upgrading

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Mathcad, be sure to have one of the following:

The upgrade installation attempts to locate an earlier version on your system. If it fails to detect an earlier version, it prompts you to enter the serial number or insert the installation media. The Mathcad installer does not require that you remove any detected previous versions, although only Mathcad 11 and later have been tested and certified to work alongside a Mathcad 14 installation.

General Installation Instructions

  1. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. The CD automatically starts the installation program. If the installation program does not start automatically, you can start it by choosing Run from the Start menu and typing D:\SETUP (where D is your CD-ROM drive). Click "OK."
  2. Click the Mathcad icon on the main installation screen.
  3. When prompted, enter your product code, provided with your Mathcad CD, or by email for purchasers who download Mathcad.
  4. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions.

Special Installation Instructions for Windows 2000 Users

Users who have not applied SP4 to their Windows 2000 installation cannot install Mathcad 14. If you have not applied SP4 to your Windows 2000 installation, you must perform the following steps before installing Mathcad:

  1. Download SP4 for Windows 2000 from the Microsoft Web site, and apply it to your Windows 2000 installation.
  2. Download Windows Installer 3.0 or later from the Microsoft Web site, and install the software to your workstation.
  3. Download Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 or later from the Microsoft Web site, and install the software to your workstation.
  4. Run the .NET Framework 2.0 and MSXML 4.0 installation programs, available on the Mathcad CD.

Once you complete these steps, you can install Mathcad to your workstation.

The Microsoft download site is available at

Additional Installation Information for Beta Users

If you participated in the Mathcad Beta Program, you must uninstall the beta version of Mathcad before you install the released version.

To Uninstall a Beta Version of Mathcad

Use Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel to remove the Mathcad Beta software.

If you have previous versions of Mathcad installed, you must repair them after you uninstall the Mathcad Beta software:

  1. Open Windows Control Panel
  2. Select Add/Remove Programs
  3. Select the earliest version of Mathcad, then click "Change"
  4. Select "Repair" then click "OK."
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each remaining version of Mathcad, in release order.

After you uninstall the Mathcad Beta software and repair any previous installed versions, install Mathcad.

Troubleshooting Unexpected Behavior

If you are experiencing unexpected behavior with Mathcad, such as getting error messages when you shouldn't or internal errors, the following steps may correct your problem:

With these steps, you can avoid many common problems in your use of Mathcad. If you encounter any errors after taking these steps, please contact Technical Support with the details and sample Mathcad files, so that they may investigate the problem further.

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Side-by-side Installation Issues

You can install and run Mathcad alongside Mathcad 11 and/or any later version, to ease conversion from old worksheets to new. The versions must be installed in order, from oldest to newest; failure to do so may cause problems using components. You can copy and paste regions from an older version into a newer version (for example, from Mathcad 11 into Mathcad 14), however pasting from a newer version to an older version is not supported and may crash the older product. When multiple versions of Mathcad are installed, the automation interface will only work on the most-recently used version of Mathcad. This may cause controls that invoke automation to stop working in older versions of Mathcad.

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3. Known Limitations

The following table is a list of known limitations of Mathcad 14 M010 and Mathcad 14 M011:

Bug Number Description
070618-115604 Help and the Resources may not install automatically when you install Mathcad, possibly resulting in the error message
  Cannot open file <pathname>\qsheet.hbkFeatureRCOPenErrExtra.
Workaround: Navigate to the Help and Resources folders on the Mathcad CD, and run setup.exe under each.
070607-113307 Symbolic integrals of the form xa may fail to return a result.
070531-140738 Mathcad doesn't evaluate limits of δ().
070530-104115 Integrals related to Fourier transform return incorrect answers.
070524-110927 Symbolic inverse Laplace transforms involving a multiple of s in the numerator return an incorrect result.
Workaround: Convert the Laplace fraction to partial fractions first, and then compute the inverse Laplace transform.
070522-111712 Symbolically substituting a function within a derivative does not return the expected result:
Workaround: Substitute the function name (f) only, rather than the full function (f(x)).
070522-105118 Mathcad no longer recognizes the equivalence of factorials and Γ().
070522-102936 Compare Worksheets does not work correctly on Vista 64-bit Edition.
070521-163251 Attachments dragged from Microsoft Outlook into Mathcad are removed from the email, but do not open or insert in the Mathcad worksheet.
Workaround: Save the attachments to disk first, or double-click to open them.
070510-102552 time() may produce inconsistent results on multi-CPU and multi-core systems.
070510-095201 The symbolic keyword "simplify" no longer combines a sum of rational functions into a single fraction.
Workaround: To combine a sum of rational functions, expr, into a single fraction, symbolically evaluate numer(expr) / denom(expr)
070502-163536 On 64-bit Vista systems, the only ODBC driver available is the SQL Server Driver.
Workaround: Invoke the 32-bit ODBC Control Panel, located at C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe, to access the available 32-bit drivers.
070423-153500 Uninstalling Mathcad does not automatically uninstall or disable the Excel Add-In.
Workaround: Disable the Excel Add-In in Excel before you uninstall Mathcad.
070420-145932 Solve blocks with constraints involving the boolean AND operator may return incorrect results.
Workaround: Use multiplication to achieve the logical AND of 2 terms.
070416-155010 Some Asian characters may display as square boxes on the Display tab of the Worksheet Options dialog.
Workaround: Use the Regional and Language Options control panel to add East Asian support to your system.
070320-153632 Comparison of files saved at differing DPI settings shows most regions as different.
Workaround: Re-save both files at the current DPI setting before comparing them.
070205-162005 Using solve to solve inequalities involving the greater than or greater than or equal to operators returns an error.
070118-092210 The Mathcad installation process sometimes hangs on the last step when run on Windows XP x64 Edition.
Workaround: If the last two lines of the install log file (either C:\Windows\MC14_IS_LOG.txt or the file specified for a silent install) read:
  szFile is: C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\MathCadUniMath.otf
  SendMessage ..
, press [Ctrl] [Alt] [Delete] to end the installation process through the Windows Task Manager, and reboot your system.
070117-194227 When you click "Change" in Add or Remove Programs and select "Remove" to uninstall Mathcad, there is no warning about the need to repair previous version installations. Other Mathcad installations on the system are affected during the uninstall process, and must be repaired in release order.
070117-191807 The installer may fail to register certain components when installing to folders containing Unicode characters.
Workaround: Either install to a folder that does not contain Unicode characters, or manually register the components. To manually register components, enter the following at a command prompt pointing to the install folder: regsvr32 [component file name].
070116-145720 Uninstalling Mathcad by clicking "Change" in the Add or Remove Programs control panel and selecting "Remove" causes a fatal error if Help and/or the Resources are not installed.
Workaround: Uninstall Mathcad by clicking "Remove" in the Add or Remove Programs control panel instead.
070111-114741 The Resources do not work properly when you uninstall them from one location and reinstall them to a new location.
070110-185807 To properly import data that contains Japanese characters from Excel by using the Data Import Wizard, you must first set up a Japanese code page.
061218-230929 The Symbolic engine does not understand the b, o, and h suffixes for binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers.
061212-160223 Characters rendered in the Mathcad UniMath Open Type font do not print on all printers.
Workaround: Update the driver for your printer, or download the updated Adobe PostScript driver from to use with your printer.
061129-211307 Fourier and inverse Fourier transforms in Mathcad 14 are performed using a different - though accepted - convention, which yields different results from earlier versions of Mathcad.
Workaround: Perform the Fourier or inverse Fourier transform of f(-t), rather than f(t).
061129-163353 Mathcad objects pasted into Microsoft Office Excel SP1 do not display properly.
Workaround: Update Excel using Office 2003 Service Pack 2, available from Microsoft.
061127-171137 The Yen and Won characters may not display in data tables containing imported data sets.
061122-132902 Phi characters converted from the same Roman character with [Ctrl] G render differently in math and text regions.
061019-133958 Change or Repair installations of Mathcad present an unnecessary reminder to run the License Setup Wizard.
Workaround: Ignore the reminder. Mathcad will run properly when launched.
061012-133650 Symbolic trigonometric simplifications may differ from expected numeric results by π.
060925-131442 Compare Worksheets allows you to specify unsupported files.
060914-134158 Plots cannot be embedded in text regions, instead returning the error "The contents of this file have been corrupted."
Note: Previous versions of Mathcad inadvertently allowed this.
Workaround: To save the file, move the plot outside of the text region.
060912-213659 Symbolic Laplace transforms return an error in the German version of Mathcad.
Workaround: Specify a different independent variable, such as t1, for the transformed function, as follows: f(s) -> Laplace, s, t1.
060901-121829 The single-line construct of a definition, followed by a symbolic evaluation, followed by a numeric evaluation is not supported, although you can type it in.
060807-130950 Zero-width joiner/non-joiner Unicode characters do not work in math regions.
060801-113111 An undefined variable defined in terms of 1*itself (for example: a:=1 * a) numerically evaluates to 0, rather than return an error.
060727-120201 [Ctrl] [Shift] K inserts special operators into math regions, but no longer inserts Greek characters.
Workaround: Use [Ctrl] G to enter Greek characters.
060630-094017 The symbolic keyword parfrac fails to return the proper result when:
  1. The denominator of the function has complex roots, and
  2. You supply only real numbers as arguments for parfrac.
Note:To perform a complete decomposition over both real and imaginary numbers, supply the modifier domain=complex as an argument to parfrac. To return the rational decomposition, omit any modifiers.
060601-092646 After using a Web control, you must make two mouse-clicks before keyboard entry has an effect.
060511-143551 Symbolic definite integrals may calculate more slowly than they did in previous versions of Mathcad.
060511-101050 Clicking "Replace All" does not replace all occurrences when cursor is in the middle of the document.
Workaround: Move the cursor to the top of the worksheet before selecting Edit > Replace.
060502-153845 Mathcad won't install on Windows XP Professional 64 when connecting via Remote Terminal Server. The installer fails to register all the necessary DLLs.
Workaround: Run the install on the Windows XP Professional 64 workstation directly, rather than via Remote Terminal Server.
060425-150310 Radio buttons do not evaluate properly the first time you manually calculate a worksheet.
Workaround: Calculate the worksheet twice.
060406-101521 Cannot use a hyperlink to navigate to a region in an area if the area is collapsed when the file is opened.
060316-153817 Redefinition Warning tips don't appear until the second time you click on a region.
060307-123707 The dialog warning you that a file is being opened read-only sometimes fails to appear in front of other windows.
060217-123210 Multiplication that formerly returned zero now returns an error. Mathcad 2000 and later evaluate all terms, rather than return zero if the first term evaluates to zero, which may cause errors when none appeared before.
Workaround: If you know that one term reaches zero, define the function accordingly, using the 'if' programming operator.
060130-104032 Error highlighting, error messages and Trace Error may be confusing in solve blocks.
Workaround: You may be able to trace the real error if you:
  1. Right-click the region with the error.
  2. Select Trace Error.
  3. Click "Close". (None of the buttons except "Close" will be available.)
The cursor will often jump to the variable that is in error.
051221-164409 The MATLAB component no longer supports the display of MATLAB plots, due to changes in MATLAB's Automation interface.
051122-104805 Bitmaps may display improperly when using Remote desktop to access a Windows 2000 Server installation.
051111-175445 Web controls do not print on some printers.
Workaround: Scroll to the bottom of the worksheet (or press [CTRL] [End]) before you print.
051111-114044 The installer may not detect prerequisites properly on Windows 2000 systems.
051017-094423 Older Intel and AMD systems may fail to calculate numerics functions based on the new Intel MKL matrix libraries. For more information on which chips are supported, check the Intel Math Kernel Library documentation available on the Intel Web site.
051014-101238 The result disappears when you disable evaluation of a region.
051005-151311 Regions in collapsed areas cannot be accessed through the Automation API.
050901-120228 WRITEPRN() goes into an infinite loop when writing multiply nested matrices.
050831-084253 Borrowed licenses may not be returned properly from within Mathcad.
  1. Connect the borrowing machine to the network, so that the server can find it.
  2. On the server, open a command prompt and type:
    lmborrow -return [-c license_file] [-c display] feature

    license_file = the name of the license file.
    display = the name of the borrow system, or in the case of a terminal server environment, the terminal server client name; required only if the system name has changed since borrowing the license.
    feature = the name of the borrowed feature. For a list of borrowed features, run lmborrow -status at a command prompt.

050826-215713; 050811-122128; 050705-170520 The use of out-of-date display drivers or full hardware acceleration may cause errors, redraw problems, or crashes.
Workaround: Update your display driver or reduce hardware acceleration.
050822-171500 Components treat single-element matrices as scalar values.
050816-103750 File Input Components pointing to non-existent files switch from relative to absolute paths.
050815-164314 Functions evaluated in a graph with less than the defined number of arguments return the function's signature, rather than an error message indicating the missing argument.
050805-161210 Sliders flicker when adjusted.
050805-121559 Spell check incorrectly reports words in the dictionary as misspelled when they contain either apostrophes or letters in mixed case.
050803-163623 Adding a large scatter plot to an existing 3D graph may cause Mathcad to crash.
Workaround: Add a small dummy data set as the second curve, convert the curve to a scatter plot, then replace the dummy data set with the actual data set.
050801-184858 Decimal numbers that cannot be represented exactly as floating point numbers are rounded in an unanticipated way (such as down, rather than up).
050801-104209 Text box controls and their contents do not resize synchronously when changing a worksheet's zoom setting.
050801-075734 Memory leaks on recalculation due to a limitation with .NET.
050729-174421 CreateMesh() does not accept as a parameter any function that returns a dimensioned result.
050728-141332 min() and sec() are not recognized in font styles other than Variables or Constants.
050727-153102 csort() incorrectly sorts arrays containing NaN.
050725-100814 The following names are reserved by Mathcad and cannot be defined by users: Find, format, genfit, if, Maximize, Minerr, Minimize, numol, Odefind, Odesolve, pause, Pdesolve, polyroots, trace, until.
050708-141936 Closing Mathcad while debugging with Visual Studio 6 returns an "Invalid Handle" error.
050707-091516 UnitsOf() returns incorrect answers in SI-based Unit Systems when the base units are not SI units.
Workaround: Use SIUnitsOf() instead.
050706-093218 The "Display Dimensions" settings, located on the Dimensions tab of the Worksheet Options dialog are not saved to XMCD/XMCDZ files.
Workaround: Save the file as Mathcad 11 or Mathcad 12 MCD.
050705-171729 Cannot redefine ORIGIN within a program.
050616-130347 A second, concurrent instance of Mathcad opened after the first has auto-saved a worksheet may attempt to recover worksheets still open in the older instance.
050601-085852 The behavior of break and continue outside of for and while loops have changed from earlier versions. break now returns the last calculation in the program, and continue returns an error.
050525-104331 The Mathcad 12 file format does not support multiple-algorithm functions [genfit(), odesolve(), pdesolve(), polyroots(), Find(), Minerr(), Maximize(), Minimize()] used as anything other than a function name. Saving such a file as a Mathcad 12 XMCD/XMCDZ worksheet returns a schema error.
050516-162748 Values containing affine units return the error "This value must be a scalar" when pasted into the placeholder on the left-hand side of an expression.
Workaround: Insert a postfix operator, and separately paste the unit into the right placeholder and the value into the left.
050506-104329 READRGB() and the Picture Operator don't work with the newest digital camera JPEG format, which retains information about camera settings.
Workaround: Open the file in another image editor, such as Paint or Windows Picture Viewer, and resave it before reading it into Mathcad.
050427-200917 Mathcad may return a "Parameter is Incorrect" error when opening offline files.
050405-162927 Matrices containing large nested arrays display slowly.
050404-161038 Importing large (>1 MB) data files is slower than Mathcad 11.
050216-095445 Double-clicking a Mathcad file returns a "file not found" error if Mathcad cannot find a license server.
050203-113939 When opening worksheets containing overlapping or nested collapsed areas, Mathcad displays the alert "Warning: an unrecoverable read error has occurred. <N> regions could not be read from this document.", reports a runtime error, and closes.
Workaround: Open the document in a previous version of Mathcad and remove the problem areas, or rearrange them so that they no longer overlap or nest.
050201-170345 The Data Import Wizard incorrectly reads a number with a non-comma thousands separator as a string.
041214-165738 Solve blocks may attempt to converge indefinitely, rather than return an error, when they fail to converge. When returned, convergence errors may provide inadequate information for debugging.
041214-093929 Large arrays (>8 million elements, or 64 MB) may cause memory errors due to a limitation in .NET.
041024-133017 Copying from Mathcad into Microsoft Word as a Mathcad Document Object can cause the object to zoom in when activated (double-clicked), then deactivated.
Workaround: Close Mathcad before you paste the object into Word.
040824-131642 A complex scalar written to a data file by WRITEPRN() is read in as a two-element array by READPRN().
040809-104837 Copying and pasting text that contains a hyperlink into a text region does not copy the hyperlink.
Workaround: Copy the entire region.
Data Import Wizard cannot read Excel files with more than 16384 rows.
Workaround: Use the Excel Component to read in the file.
040528-134919 Opening and closing areas may move boundaries and contained regions slightly.
031022-105127c The coordinate transformation functions sph2xyz() and cyl2xyz() cannot be used with CreateMesh() and CreateSpace() to produce the same result as a 3D plot.
Workaround: Create a function with arguments (f(u,v), u, v) that calls sph2xyz() or cyl2xyz() with arguments (u, v, f(u,v)), to use as the mapping function for CreateMesh() or CreateSpace().
021017-095400 Region borders sometimes clip the content of math regions.

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4. Problems Fixed

Problems fixed in Mathcad 14 M011

1426375 Enterprise users who upgrade from Mathcad 14.0 to Mathcad 14 M010, and call a function from any of the four Extension Packs get the error message "bad_assembly_name."

Problems fixed in Mathcad 14 M010

070427-144405 Expressions that use the symbolic keyword solve after the symbolic keyword substitute return an error instead of evaluating.
070411-133433 Radio box selections on one open worksheet cause updates to radio boxes with the same Group ID on a separate open worksheet.
070406-202601 Mathcad 12 iterates x-y plots over the x-axis values, rather than the y-axis values, creating horizontal lines.
Note: To reproduce x-y plots with horizontal (rather than vertical) lines, use separate y arguments, instead of a range variable.
070406-194939 Program throws the error, "Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program."
070405-094134 Calculations performed from the Symbolics menu cannot be interrupted by pressing [Esc].
070330-132512 Pasting a text region with Greek letters drops spaces after the Greek letter.
070330-111728 Mathcad borrows enterprise floating licenses for a fixed, 10 day period. The early return of borrowed licenses within Mathcad is no longer possible.
070327-104116 Changes to Text Boxes are not recorded when saving the worksheet.
070326-144916 Attempted optimization of a region containing a variable dependent upon a numeric solve block hangs Mathcad on save.
070228-165350 Worksheets created in prior versions of Mathcad and containing scriptable components may not open in Mathcad 14.
070214-124757 Mathcad may crash on systems if no printer driver has been installed.
070114-102019 Configuration scripts on do not run when accessing the page in the Resources window, causing errors when clicking links.
Workaround: Open in Internet Explorer, and specify your country.
070111-173847 Using := to evaluate an expression undefines functions and variables on the left-hand side of the expression.
070104-125358 License files are not visible while browsing files in either the Mathcad License Setup wizard or the FLEXnet install.
Workaround: Replace "license.dat" with "*.*" in the file name field to see all files, and select the license file.
061221-172119 Math regions containing both a definition and an evaluation are garbled when saved to MCD files.
061213-170534 After installing Mathcad, Greek characters and symbols in the Mathcad UniMath font may not display properly, with regions extending several pages to the right.
Workaround: Reboot your system after installation to properly register the font.
Note: This problem occurs due to an issue with the Mathcad 14 uninstall. To resolve this issue, you must uninstall Mathcad 14 by clicking "Remove" in the Add or Remove Programs control panel before you install Mathcad 14 M010.
061207-114628 When exporting data from data tables, Mathcad ignores the specified start column and starts at the first column.
061010-153752 Opening a Mathcad file from a Web site with Internet Explorer may crash Mathcad.
Note: Worksheets no longer open in the Internet Explorer window.
060928-112947 Launching the Mathcad Resources (QuickSheets or Tutorials) from Help may crash Mathcad on systems where Mathcad 14 is installed alongside an earlier version.
Note: Although Mathcad no longer crashes, this action still returns an error dialog. To avoid the error dialog, launch Mathcad 14 before launching any earlier version.
060918-170726 The E-book search index generator (newdict.exe) generates incomplete index files.
060808-105138 Clicking "Help" from the Insert Function dialog disables the "Insert" button after Help is closed.
Workaround: Click back in the active worksheet.
060725-103347 hhmmss() does not evaluate properly under non-US regional settings.
051220-195233 Spellcheck occasionally fails to finish checking a worksheet.
021106-134242 Float does not use extended precision on functions when evaluated with live symbolics.

Problems Fixed in Mathcad 14 F000

Bug Number Description
061219-161433 The lowercase phi characters now map in reverse: f [Ctrl] g produces a curly phi, and j [Ctrl] g produces an upright phi, consistent with the latest Unicode standard.
061115-103350 Adding Angle to the custom units, using the Unit System tab of the Worksheet Options dialog, results in an internal error.
060920-130930 When opening a worksheet containing a large array, the matrix appears distorted and you cannot save the file.
060719-163859 Φ() gives different results for 0 in the numeric and symbolic processors. Φ(0) now returns 0.5 in both cases.
060621-175622 After clicking into a 3D plot or component, you must click outside that region twice to start editing another part of the worksheet.
060613-130244 Mathcad files with custom unit systems do not always recalculate properly and may not save as valid XMCD files.
060518-083624 In the FLEXlm/FLEXnet log file, time stamps overwrite user checkin/checkout data.
060424-111903 xy2pol() returns results between -180 to 180 in Mathcad 12 & 13. Mathcad 14 has reverted to the Mathcad 11 behavior of returning 0 to 360.
060411-155320 J1(1) and I1(1) are reversed when evaluated symbolically.
060316-112455 Using the Automation API to create RTF files saves HTML files instead.
060123-101738 Performing a symbolic solve with inequalities gives incorrect results.
060106-112616 Cannot substitute a variable for a function or expression using menu symbolics.
Note: This fix requires that you use programming operators to create a program defining the function as the variable and returning the function name, copy the program to the clipboard, select the function name to substitute for, and click Symbolics > Variable > Substitute.
060104-095626 The built-in constant "%" is not recognized by the symbolic engine.
051228-154632 Calls to Minimize() and Maximize() with invalid parameters cause Mathcad to stop computing even after you disable or correct the region.
051227-160700 Dragging or nudging area boundaries can lead to nested or interleaved areas.
051208-150942 Mathcad does not launch on a system set to the Turkish locale.
051102-100456 Symbolic expressions that return "No Symbolic Result Found" do not remove previously calculated results.
051102-074532 Mathcad does not report an error when saving an XMCD worksheet fails due to insufficient space.
051019-103914 linterp() does not accept complex arrays for the second argument.
051005-125434 Search defaults to text regions only, rather than both math and text regions.
050816-120902 Adding parentheses in a math region embedded in a text region causes an internal error and crashes Mathcad.
050812-095804 Explicit evaluation of negative purely imaginary numbers displays zero for the real part.
050729-131750 Context menu options to hide portions of symbolic expressions do not work properly when no symbolic keyword is present.
050726-102139 If you take the definite integral of an expression with respect to a variable x, and the expression contains a different variable, A, defined as x, Mathcad does not recognize A as the variable of integration.
050722-150256 Large data tables give no indication that they contain more cells.
Note: the last displayed cell of a data table now appears as "...".
050721-152745 Worksheet protection is not available in XMCD worksheets.
Note: Worksheet protection can now be enabled in XMCD worksheets; however, once enabled, worksheets can only be saved in the XMCDZ format.
050712-140909 You must press [F9] twice to fully calculate a worksheet after editing it.
050406-154223 Mathcad performs symbolic evaluations even when Automatic Calculation is turned off.
050308-143751 WRITEPRN() writes out incorrect data for NaN and infinity, which READPRN() reads in incorrectly.
050215-103351 Cannot multiply nested matrices by a scalar.
Note: Implicit vectorization of functions and operators does not work on nested matrices.
041208-100038 Mathcad returns "Parameter is incorrect" error when opening or saving files on network partitions.
040818-121539 Replace and Find do not find text in collapsed areas.
040615-163146 Symbolic solver gives incorrect results when using inequalities.
031219-100337 A matrix created using matrix() cannot be evaluated symbolically.
031114-170906 Using the scroll wheel on an Intellipoint mouse will freeze Mathcad.
030319-140047 Vectorization does not work in symbolic calculations.

Problems Fixed in Mathcad 13.1

Bug Number Description
060207-135921 Mathcad does not save a worksheet's page orientation (File > Page Setup).
051222-103419 Cannot use the column operator to assign a scalar to an array column.
051220-150519 Mathcad crashes when saving a file with a collapsed area containing a math region embedded in a text region.
051124-170432 Legend is placed behind grid lines in 2D plots.
051123-113709 The constrained parameter must be listed last in the vector argument of Odesolve().
051122-124920 Symbolic Derivation of J0(x-1) fails.
051118-104303 The "Show exponents in engineering format" setting (in the Result Format dialog is not saved in the worksheet.
051117-155555 Pasting a number into Mathcad causes a COM error.
051117-101307 Decreasing axis limits are labeled incorrectly on logarithmically scaled XY graphs.
051107-113430 Hankel functions are inaccurate for large m and small z.
051102-095205 Saving a worksheet containing a text region with an embedded evaluation as an XMCD file crashes Mathcad.
051031-131243 Odesolve() occasionally returns type mismatch errors.
051020-124856 Using Odesolve() to solve for variables with literal subscripts returns the error "The expression to the left of the equal sign cannot be defined."
051018-133102 str2vec() produces an empty vector for empty strings, and causes an error when saving to an XMCD file.
051003-152935 Deleting an empty placeholder quits Mathcad.
050914-175018 Odesolve() returns an error when referencing a function defined outside the solve block.
050913-105200 Mathcad displays no style information for string constants.
050908-113239 Automation command GetValue converts decimal numbers to strings (with commas) on non-US operating systems.
050906-121941 Using return to assign a vector to an element of a vector returns an error.
050904-093012 Repairing a silent installation of Mathcad clears FLEXlm server information.
050901-114746 Nested arrays do not transpose correctly.
050824-145736 H is not recognized as hexadecimal number suffix.
050812-142220 Energy per unit mass (J/kg) turns into dose by default. The unit for dose, Sv, can still be typed in the unit placeholder as needed.
050810-150131 Files containing regions with Optimization enabled may cause crashes or hang Mathcad when opened.
050808-140321 File corruption errors refer to incorrect line numbers.
050803-143816 Solve blocks that work in Mathcad 12 return the error "Found a number with a magnitude greater than 10^307 while trying to evaluate this expression".
050713-090831 DMS(), FIF(), and hhmmss() do not accept 3 arguments.
050708-153644 polyroots() calculations using the LaGuerre method are slower than in Mathcad 11.
050605-235915 °C and °F do not insert properly from the Insert Units dialog.
050602-101501 Solve blocks with dimensioned guess values of 0 do not return units properly.
050401-165812 Document properties in templates do not carry to documents created from the template (author excepted).
050315-124031; 041217-160936 Files with references (especially deeply nested references) take longer to open than in Mathcad 11.
Note: files should open more quickly, but recalculation may still be slow.
050228-111342 The symbolic processor does not recognize rref().
050218-155416 Mathcad begins to calculate equations before you exit them.
050110-143821 Vectorization operator only supports only 10 function arguments.
050107-105411 Mathcad cannot read CSV files containing more than 20,000 characters or 1,000 columns of data.
050105-132452 Error messages in program loops highlight the entire loop, rather than the source of the error.
041201-182104 vlookup() calculations take twice as long as in Mathcad 11.
041109-104300 Odesolve incorrectly returns the error "This must be a scalar" instead of "Too few initial conditions."
040825-101926 The MATLAB component does not work with MATLAB 7.
Note: there is a known issue regarding the MATLAB component displaying plots.
031204-095201 Cannot turn off implicit multiplication.
031014-152054 Can created nested areas in worksheets.
030922-103643; 050721-121126 Results with units appear confusing because the multiplication sign is hidden.
Note: you can now change the multiplication symbol between a number and its unit from the context menu.
021029-124923c The slider control does not print as it appears on the worksheet.
Note: when printed, only some properties are reflected - orientation, point (all 3 settings), tick marks, tick frequency, autoticks, width, and minimum and maximum values; the border and extended style properties have no effect on print rendering.
990829-155826-2 The required argument order for round() is reversed when evaluating it symbolically, rather than numerically.

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Problems Fixed in Mathcad 13

Bug Number Description
050812-161207 Functions defined as the output of Find() cannot be evaluated symbolically.
050811-122102 Returning a borrowed license hangs or crashes Mathcad.
050630-151107 Symbolic transpose operations return the error "No symbolic result found."
050616-130717 Mathcad does not recognize arguments using the array column operator as part of a series of values specifying the range of a 'for' loop.
050615-163310 Copying and pasting part of an equation, or deleting an empty placeholder, crashes Mathcad with fatal error.
050613-155749 Copying a region from a locked area makes the locked region editable.
050601-085852 'break' and 'continue' do not work outside of 'for' and 'while' loops.
050518-090145 Dotted selection rectangle disappears after multi-region drag and drop.
050513-160301 logpts() occasionally decreases between decades.
050429-204810 hist() does not create the proper number of bins.
050330-102054 Mathcad crashes while inverting large matrices.
050329-155829 Mathcad returns the error "The instruction at '<memory address>' referenced memory at "'<memory address>' The memory could not be 'read' Click on "OK" to terminate the program.
050321-131409 Use of the vectorize operator with the augment function returns an error message.
050317-163144 Defining a global variable equal to itself crashes Mathcad with an unhandled exception error.
050315-124031c Extra Mathcad icons appear on the task bar when opening files that contain references to files containing list boxes.
050315-092452 Scripted Objects resize automatically when activated.
050301-154333 End-of-document is interpreted as the top of the last region, not the bottom of the lowest-extending region.
050224-160839 XMCD worksheets that contain a local assignment to a function within an infix operator do not open.
050224-124757 The symbolic processor cannot recognize a matrix defined with a variable in the subscript.
050210-162908 "Print Single Page Width" setting is not saved in XMCD or XMCDZ files.
041129-094510 Log-scale quickplots do not use logarithmically spaced axes.
041022-131432 The type checking functions IsScalar(), IsArray(), and IsString() do not accept function names as arguments.
041020-120253 Error and crash when opening the resources: "Failed to load resources from resource file. Please check your setup."
040910-090552 Mathcad saves files with schema errors, preventing them from opening afterward.
040907-101840 Multiplied fractions may yield incorrect results.
040819-153337 Cannot assign solve block that returns variables of differing units to a function.
040618-123742 Graphs do not animate properly if the FRAME variable is in a collapsed area.
031009-122431 Setting zoom to 200% on a worksheet with a list box makes the worksheet flicker.

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5. Additional Mathcad Help

Mathcad Documentation

The Developer's Reference under the Help menu is for advanced Mathcad users. It provides information on customizing components using scripting, using the Scriptable Object component, building components in C++, and using Mathcad as an Automation server.

The Author's Reference under the Help menu contains instructions and tips for creating Mathcad E-books and information about how to create HTML versions of Mathcad worksheets.

In addition, your Mathcad installation includes Tutorials, sample QuickSheets, and Reference Tables to help you get the most out of Mathcad. You can find them from either the Help menu or the Resources toolbar.

Technical Support

Visit the PTC Customer Support site at

Licensing Support

Licensing help for Mathcad can be found online at

Online Information

The Mathcad site at offers information for all Mathcad users.

Software Download

Go to to get software updates for your existing version of Mathcad.

The Mathcad Web Resources,, contains Mathcad E-books, user-contributed files, as well as listings of Web sites with Mathcad files, and links to print books using Mathcad.

Mathcad User Forums provide a free Internet area for sharing ideas and files with other Mathcad users, accessible from within Mathcad. Choose User Forums from the Help menu or in the Resources window. From your browser, you can go directly to

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